Enjoy the day on Lake of the Woods with one of our Guides which are Coast Guard Licensed Captains.  Our 27’ charters are equipped with a port-a-potty, fishing rods and reels, equipment, and bait. Fish cleaning and packaging included.    

$600 1/2 Day Charter Trip (1-6 people on boat)
$750 – 4 people – $187.50 each

$850 – 5 people-$170.00 each

$950 – 6 people – $158.00 each

Please note a fuel surcharge may apply. Our Summer 2022 charter prices were based on the price of gas at the time our 2022 rates were set. We reserve the right to impose a fuel surcharge due to the volatile price of gas.  Please plan accordingly for this possibility.


Cancellation Policy: Lakeroad Lodge & Motel requires a $100.00 per person deposit for all package plans. If lodging only, the first night, per person in full is accepted. This is non-refundable but with a 30-day notice is transferrable within the season. Reservations will be held only for 10 days without a deposit. After 10 days, your reservation will be cancelled without notification. We do not give refunds for early departures or lesser numbers of people. Please keep this in mind when calling in your reservation.


Lakeroad Lodge also offers adventure trips to Northwest Angle which includes lodging and fishing. Stay one night at Lakeroad Lodge Motel, fish our way to Northwest Angle, lodging overnight at Northwest Angle, fish our way home the next day, and last nights stay at Lakeroad Lodge. Please call the lodge to check rates. 

SACK LUNCHES $12 Includes sandwich, chips, and a drink. (Available for charter boat trips only)
COMMUNITY COOKING FACILITY Guests have access to our outdoor facility equipped with stove, oven, deep fryers, grills and more. Click here for more information.
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